A lot of us have a goal weight and a dream body. Losing weight is really a struggle for many and getting fit is a tough journey. In the quest to cut those extra pounds, a lot of people resort to skipping meals and fasting because they believe that this practice would make them lose weight faster. You may feel that you are slimming down after skipping a meal, this is true though because your stomach has nothing inside of it and nothing to digest which is why it feels slimming. But this practice could cost you a lot in the long run. This is not a good dieting strategy and is one of the worst things to do to your body. It can really take a toll if you keep on doing it.

To achieve the body you want, you must maintain a balanced diet and have an active lifestyle. Our body runs on the food we eat and it serves as our fuel for our everyday activities. When you stop taking in food, you deprive your body of its fuel. Think of it this way, when a car runs out of fuel, it must be refueled immediately to run again. The same logic goes for ourselves. In this article, we have listed the effects of skipping meals. After reading this, you will surely think twice before ever skipping a bite.

Slows Down Your Metabolism

When you skip meals, the tendency is your metabolism will slow down. This is is your body’s way of going into starvation mode. To preserve the calories it currently has before getting the next supply, it will slow down the process of metabolism. Instead of burning the calories, the body will hang onto them. You see the irony here, you think that you are losing weight when you skip meals. But it can even make you gain weight. Instead of burning calories, your body clings to them.

You Do Not Have Enough Energy

What do you expect when you eat less, of course, it is a given that you will have less energy. You will feel tired and sluggish. This also happens because the bodily functions slow down when your body slows down your metabolism. When you have less energy, you can’t function well and will feel less likely to do anything at all. So much for the active lifestyle, you were aiming for. This will really keep you adding on more pounds.


Overeating is another outcome of skipping meals. This happens because you have deprived yourself of an important meal. When you feel hungry and get the chance to eat again, chances are you will stuff yourself with so much food. It is better if you had consumed smaller meals throughout the day than eating a ton of calories in one seating.

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