With lines getting longer and days seem to grow shorter, things can get more stressful and finding time to just sit down and relax is almost a miracle. However, it is important that every now and then you set aside a few hours a week to take care of the most important part of your life, yourself.

Self-care doesn’t only refer to going to the spa, going on a trip, or sleeping in after a long stressful work week. It also considers your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It’s a method which aims to reboot your brain and give your body much needed time to recuperate. That may seem expensive, but there are tons of self-care activities you can do on your own and at home. Here are just 5 examples you can easily add to your routine:

Take A Long Soothing Bath

When you’re always in a rush, you tend to go for a quick shower which may be enough to get you clean. However, it’s not as soothing as a long warm soak in the tub. So, if you have that extra 20 minutes or so, why not take advantage of it and spend extra time in the bath? Set up scented candles, prepare a bubble bath, and maybe even bust out your softest towel or most luxurious bathrobe. You may even play relaxing music in the background.

Try Out Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is not exclusive for kids. It’s a fun creative activity even adults can take part in and it is, in fact, grown popular in the past years, particularly mandala designs. How so? Studies have shown that coloring is a fun method of therapy which is not only a good creative outlet. It’s also relaxing, promotes self-expression, and reduces anxiety.

Tidy Up

There’s truth to the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. Coming home to a clean house can make you feel happy, relaxed, and at peace. So, one way to care for yourself is to tidy up your environment. You don’t have to perform an entire spring cleaning routine. You may stick to going through your closet, a corner in the house, or a single room. It doesn’t matter. The very fact that you can see something that’s been cleaned can be really refreshing.

Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle

Similar to coloring books, working on a jigsaw puzzle is a good way to relax. It encourages a routine and helps you work on your hand-eye coordination. Also, there’s the great satisfaction of actually completing a jigsaw puzzle to look forward to.

Read Your Favorite Book

While watching a movie is quicker and sometimes a lot entertaining, sitting down to read a book is a better activity for downtime. It forces you to relax your other senses by eliminating distractions such as visuals and sound. Reading is also good because it can improve focus and let your imagination run free.

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