Jogging is a versatile workout that has a lot of potential health benefits that can flow into your everyday life. It keeps your body active, increases stamina and endurance, reduces the risk of serious health issues and boosts your overall energy on your day to day life. It is a rewarding activity that gives you an entrance to a long-lasting healthy life. No matter what your age, you can start an active life with jogging. Beginning the habit is the first step, if you plan to take on a regular routine, here are some tips you should learn about to really get the best out of the experience.

Length of Time

Every one of us has to have a starting point starting small and building the habit is the way to go. If you have not run at all before the recommended time you should be going for is 12-30 minutes or equivalent to 1-2 miles. This amount of time is enough to get your body acclimated to jogging to minimize the risk of injuries or muscle strains. Build your time once a week and see how your body responds to the change. Practicing 3 times a week should be your goal with full day breaks in between.

Must-Have Items

Running gear is also something you should invest in if you plan to have a routine. Have a pair of running shorts, tops, shoes, and socks to get you started. It’s best if you invest in sports apparel because they are made of materials that will keep your body from overheating and make your experience easier. But if you have no budget you can start with light synthetic fabrics shirts or jogging pants. Cotton shirts  


Before you even run you should eat easy snacks like a banana or sandwich to fuel your energy. You should do some minor stretches for 4 minutes and keep yourself hydrated with a bottle of water. This way your body will function properly and prevent discomfort when you run longer periods of time. 

Habit Tracking

To keep tabs on your practice you should get health trackers like a pedometer or even a smartwatch to keep track on how much steps you walked or how far you’ve gotten. Tracking your habit is a great way to check your progress and give you goals to pursue. 


After you have built up your endurance for weeks, you can start adding variety to your routine by setting up a challenge for yourself. It can be as simple as reaching a certain number of miles or incorporating other workouts with the routine as well.

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