Sugary foods have always been present in our meals, from a bottle of carbonated drink to a slice of fruit. The amount of sugar differs from every food item and it is noted that we consume more than the body’s required amount. A lot of people are guilty of this and intake more sugar in a daily basis. That causes an increase of health risks and possibly the chances of serious illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. It’s no secret that decreasing it will get our body back to normal and make us healthier. We have collected some great tips for you to do if you want to take your sugar level down to a notch.


Research suggest that it’s much better to eat the actual fruit than drink its juice. Eating the fruit will give you more fiber and nutrients compared to drinks themselves which probably has added sugar in them. And fruits will make us fuller and keep our energy up much longer than drinking juice.


If you have a grocery bag full of sweets and biscuits, then it is time to make a change. Get rid all of food items you buy that screams sweet and tempting. That includes sugary cereals, candy, milk chocolate, juice powders, pre-made soup, canned fruit and even energy bars. Getting rid of these items in your shopping list doesn’t mean that you have to take all of the sugar out of your life. You should opt for other substitute that has low sugar and healthier snacks to begin with.


Adding sugar to your food can be optional. It’s ideal to stop using brown or raw sugar, molasses, honey, flavored syrups, juice concentrates and other kinds of sugars that you can normally add to food. You can eat more products with natural sugars in them or decrease the amount you put into your meals.


If you like to eat takeout food then you should be aware of how much sugar it contains. This includes microwave foods and TV dinners. These ready-to-eat meals have a lot more sugar in them than you might think. It will be much better if you eat home-cooked meals yourself and make it a habit to plan your meals on a weekly basis.


If are not always keen on checking food labels, then you should know that there are a lot of food products with a lot if sugar processed in them. You should start reading them if you are serious about decreasing your sugar intake.


If you the option to drink water, do it. Substitute your regular cup of coke to water and that makes all the difference. If you follow this rule every time you eat out, then you are guaranteed to lower your sugar level down.
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