About Us

Do you ever wonder how you can purify the air you breathe inside your homes? Is it difficult for you to rid your homes of stubborn odor? Now you are in luck. We have designed an easy and simple way of doing just that. Introducing BreatheGreen, a charcoal bag that rids your home of odor, molds, allergen, and bacteria.

We at BreatheGreen saw the importance of air purification inside our homes. Did you know that the air you breathe inside your homes may actually be dangerous to your health? Yes, that is possible. We have designed for you this amazing charcoal bag that rids your home from odor and purifies the air that you breathe. It is 100% chemical free, fragrance free, and non-toxic.

Providing great products is not our only concern. We also provide our consumers with the best customer service. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service regarding any of your questions or concerns. You may reach our customer service representatives by sending an email to support@breathegreeneco.com.

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