Can’t wait for summer to come already? While there are a lot of activities that you can only enjoy during the summer, there are also some downsides that are brought about by this season. One of the most obvious issues that summer brings is the temperature. It can get really hot and be uncomfortable. Having the air conditioner on all day and night can be expensive. Heading to the beach every day can also be quite expensive and harm your skin. So what can you do to beat the summer heat? In this article, we have listed some activities that you can do to help chill yourself.

Make a DIY air conditioner

Having an air conditioner is a luxury that not all of us have. But you can make a makeshift air conditioner made out of cheap materials. There are a lot of DIY air conditioners online that you can follow. Most of them usually require a regular fan and ice. There are designs that require you to put used plastic bottles on the back of fans and insert ice in them. There are other designs that require a large styrofoam box which serves as the container for the ice. Cut a hole on the box where you will insert the face of the fan and cut also smaller holes where the air will escape through.

Chill a Towel

One of the simplest tips to beat the heat is to use cool yourself with a towel. To do this, you simply wet a towel and insert it into the freezer. Wait for a couple of minutes so the towel can get chilled. Take it out and cool yourself with it. Put it into your face, arms, chest, practically anywhere you want to feel refreshed and cool. Once the towel has become warm, just wash it and store it at the freezer again.

Drink more water

When the temperature is so high, you also sweat a lot so you have to rehydrate yourself all day. The heat also makes us drink more water to cool ourselves. If you fail to rehydrate yourself during hot days, you may experience some negative health effects that can greatly affect how you are performing. You may feel lightheaded and pass out.

Use your windows efficiently

You have to use your windows efficiently and think smart. What you can do is to open your windows to let air in and use drapes to cover the heat of the sun. When your air conditioner is turned on, close them so the cool air can stay inside.

Cool your car quickly with a trick

The summer heat does not stop you from using your car. There is a Japanese trick that lets you cool your car down quickly. What you do is open the window from one side of your car and then repeatedly open and close the door from the other side. This will cool your car faster and help your air conditioner cool the inside way quicker.

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