If you think you can’t pull off a red lip, you are wrong. You absolutely can. If you ever second guess yourself and think you can’t get away with lip color, you never know until you try it. Go for a classic red, a basic nude, or go extreme with wild colors! The only problem when it comes to applying a lip color is if you have chapped lips. Having dry lips is an issue that concerns a lot of people. It is one of the most noticeable things on a person’s face. For makeup lovers, it can totally destroy a look. For everybody else, it is just plain annoying and somewhat painful. In this article, we have listed some tips for you to have healthy and luscious looking lips.


The first step to having healthy lips is to watch your health. Staying hydrated will fo wonders not only for your lips but also to your overall health. Keeping hydrated will make your lips look pinker and plump. Dry lips, on the other hand, will look dark and dull. Note that inner moisture is important as well.


Once you have kept a habit of staying hydrated, you also have to keep moisturizing your lips for the outside. Always keep a lip balm wherever you go and apply it frequently throughout the day. It is important to look for the right kind of lip balm and check the ingredients they contain. It is best to choose products with Vitamin E, glycerine, natural beeswax, and Almond oil. Lip balms can be very addicting so pick one that works best for you.


Exfoliating or scrubbing your lips is important in order to rid your lips of dead cells. This will also give you fresh, plump, and soft kissable lips. There are plenty of ways and products to use when scrubbing your lips. One of the easiest ways is to lathering on a heavy amount of lip balm before going to sleep, the next morning you should scrub your lips with a toothbrush to get rid of dead cells. There are also lip scrubs you can buy at stores or even make one of your own.


Avoiding the sun is an extremely difficult task, but sunlight is one of the culprits why our lips darken. This is because of the synthesis of melanin in the lip region. Too much melanin causes of lips to darken. Sun exposure can’t be helped so it is best to use lip products that give you sun protection. There are lip balms and lipsticks that have SPF to keep your lips pink and healthy.


A lot of us are guilty about this but it is important not to pick on your lips. Picking on your lips is not the appropriate way of dealing with chapped lips. Although your lips may become softer, it is also not the proper way of exfoliating them. A lot of times picking on your lips causes bleeding. Once the bleeding stops, the blood will clot and even look darker and uglier than before.

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