Having a headache is one of the worst things that could happen to you any day. It can be caused by anything and could happen anytime. There many different types of headaches. There are tensions headaches, cluster headaches, hypnic headaches, and many more. A migraine is also a type of headaches that is categorized as a primary headache. It is one of the most painful types of headaches that come with severe pain, and light and sound sensitivity. When you get a headache, it feels like one side of your face, including your eye, is in excruciating pain. Having migraines is not really a rare condition and a lot of people experience it more often than others. Migraines can be cured with over the counter medication. One popular OTC medication for migraine is Ibuprofen. If you would rather choose a natural way to remedy your migraines, then keep on reading. In this article, we have listed the best natural remedies for migraines.

Try Some Essential Oils

Essential oils have been proven to have positive effects on our bodies and overall health. Essential oils can be used in a lot of ways. They can also be a remedy for migraines. Try lavender and peppermint oil the next time you have a migraine. To use lavender oil and peppermint oil, you may inhale it or apply a diluted solution to your temples.

Try Ginger

Ginger root or ginger is a popular herb, spice, and ingredient to many dishes. It contains a lot of health benefits and is known to have properties that can ease nausea that is caused by many conditions. To ease nausea and pain during a migraine, you can take in ginger or mix ginger powder with hot water.

Try Acupressure

Acupressure is the best option for those who are scared of needles. Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure on specific points of the body using only your fingers and hands. This practice is done to relieve body pains and other conditions. There have been studies made that have found acupressure to have great results with people who are experiencing chronic headaches and other health problems.

Try Feverfew

You may not be familiar with feverfew. Feverfew is a flowering herb that resembles the appearance of a daisy. People claim that feverfew has properties that can remedy a migraine although there have been no exact breakthroughs concluded about its healing capabilities.

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