Ever since pedometers became part of cellphones, fitness trackers, smart watches, and the like, walking 10,000 steps a day became like a fitness craze. People became more conscious of their health. In their subconscious, it’s always saying “walk a little more.” It’s not like in past that we don’t care of how many steps we take because who would even count their steps, right? You can’t expect people to go to work and count their steps on the way. Then continue with that number when they’re going to comfort room for a pee break or go to the cafeteria for lunch. Who’d remember these numbers?

But why should you really walk 10,000 steps a day?

In a study, it shows that for people who are trying to do activities for weight loss, these 10,000 steps are actually equivalent to doing half-hour workouts five times a week. It also gets to nourish almost every system in our body. In this way, we could prevent diseases that are caused by physical inactivity. Here’s how these 10,000 steps could actually help us physically and mentally:


Walking is what we call a cardiovascular or cardio exercise. Walking can help us in getting a stronger and healthier heart because walking could give us a bigger stroke volume as compared to people who walk less. Stroke volume meaning our heart pumps much more blood per beat. This is a good thing since a larger stroke volume means a greater aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity meaning the amount of oxygen in our blood which goes to the working muscles. Aerobic capacity is even said to predict our mortality and disease risk.


Ever wondered why some people can eat so much but don’t get fat? This is because of their metabolism. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, read this more carefully. People who aren’t physically active gets fatter because their calories are usually stored as fat, whether in the muscle or the liver. This is unlikely to happen to people who are physically active as their calories travel a different path than those who are inactive as their calories are used to fuel key systems. So don’t envy them if they could eat a lot during feasts like Thanksgiving. They won’t gain as much as you would.


Getting more physically active has its perks in the long run. The blood of the people who are physically active have lower glucose and insulin response after a meal as compared to people who aren’t. This said surge can actually predict who could develop diabetes or even the risk of a cardiovascular disease. So don’t take these steps for granted. The distance you’d be in after walking all 10,000 steps may be long but you wouldn’t know how it can prolong your life.


There’s  a Latin phrase that says mens sana in corpore sano or a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is true as walking 10,000 steps everyday could actually help us not only physically but also mentally. Since it is said that walking is an effective exercise, it actually also exercises our mind. It gives us an ability to learn new things. It is even said that by walking, we could grow new brain cells. It could even delay cognitive decline. This is all proven by research as study shows that doing exercise regularly can already enhance our brain’s ability to repair, reorganize and even adapt to new situations. We could even regulate emotion and memory as aerobic exercises like walking could also spur new cell growth in our hippocampus.


One thing that glucose monitors, brain scanners, or even electron microscopes couldn’t detect is your strength of will. Doing 10,000 steps daily isn’t that easy to do especially when you have a tight schedule. During weekdays, you’re either at school or at work for a third of the day, leaving you with only 16 hours. And of course, you also have to deduct the time for sleep, and eating, or whatever it is you do daily. It really takes commitment and dedication to do this task as it requires a lot of energy.

So, if you’ve been consistent with reaching 10,000 steps daily, I congratulate you. For those who don’t get to finish the step count completely but make an effort to do it, congratulations as well. If you’re not into the “10,000 steps every day” fitness craze, you better get up, put your shoes on, and start doing it. It’s never too late to start living healthy today.

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